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I am an artist & researcher born and raised in Poland, currently based in Barcelona. At the nexus of art, sound, technology, software, and politics, my work explores the transformative impact of new technologies on the human psyche, focusing on the notion of the (cyber) sublime — an aesthetic of digital awe and wonder. Driven by a passion for understanding our evolving relationship with technology, I craft speculative narratives that take shape as sound works, generative systems, installations, and performances. In the research, I am pursuing my PhD at the Music Technology Group, examining the intricacies of AI's architectural design. For deeper dives into theory and musings on the confluence of technology and art, visit my blog at Softmax Logic.


  • New commisioned work on display in Seoul

    “The New Times Atlas of The World”, a new piece commissioned by Agustina Woodgate, eroding the semantic meaning of of concepts in the latent space, is now on display until 22nd November at The Seoul Mediacity Biennale in South Korea.

    Published on Sep 22, 2023
  • Ybalferran - 'Karadi' is out now through Hurt by the Sun

    Stoked to announce that ‘Karadi’ is finally out through my own Hurt by the Sun.

    Published on Feb 24, 2023
  • Starting a blog

    I have started a blog Softmax Logic where I will be sharing my thoguhts from the intersection of technology, theory, and art. To inaugarate it, I explain the motivation behind my interest in the AI models’ latent spaces, in the “Diagonal cut across the softmax logic”, the first entry on the blog.

    Published on Mar 10, 2022