A film by Sara Piñeros

Techniques: Composition, Sound Design

The Beauty of Becoming

The Beauty of Becoming is a documentary essay that follows, inhabits and embodies the way of looking of four women artists, while they become fictional characters throughout the film. From a first person perspective, the filmmaker tells who these women are and what they do, yet they remain undefined, fragmented and blurry.

Direction, Script, Camera Sara Piñeros
Starring Amanda Burzić, Juanita Ortega, Maria Hurtado, Yoh Morishita, Karin Thomanek
Voice Over Amanda Burzić, Yoh Morishita, Sara Piñeros
Production Sara Piñeros, Sabina Piñeros
Editing Juan Carlos Sánchez
Sound Alejandro Quiñones, Błażej Kotowski
Sound Mix Diana Martinez Muñoz, Jose Delgadillo Gaviria
Music Błażej Kotowski
Design Juan Linares