In collaboration with: Daphne X.

Collaborative project creating ambient music intended for relaxed environments. Together we make warm, multi-layered, hypnotic ambient music using generative techniques, FM synthesis, and processed field recordings from our trips to create a spatial, subversive atmosphere that guides the audience into a meditative reverie, rich in imagery and bodily sensations. Nine Mountains' music should be listened to on loudspeakers, lying comfotably in a dimly-lit safe-space.

Nine Mountains moodboard

Nine Mountains: Visual manifesto.
ikonkar festival 1 ikonkar festival 2 ikonkar festival 3
Nine Mountains live at Ik Onkar mini-festival. Haimney Gallery, Barcelona, 2019.

Mountain I

The first extended play, released in limited edition on 20 on recycled cassette tapes. The cover photo is by Johanna Ribbe.

Mountain I - Cassettes
Mountain I: Cassettes view.