In collaboration with, Blaukind, Lucia Călin Gold and Majella Clarke

o-chain: a cognitive ocean AI deployed on a blockchain.
Artwork by Lucia Călin Gold

O-chain, explores the connection between crypto commodification of ocean behaviours and the cognitive artificial intelligence technologies that can potentially create an autonomous ocean that takes decisions optimizing the collective interests for the global human collective alongside the living, breathing ocean. Within the cognitive system, an experimental new economy is established that provides a source of prosperity for all who respect the ocean’s decision autonomy and rules. Cognitive artificial intelligence is constantly improving its decision making capabilities in a dynamic environment – could humankind respect such a system? Or will it destroy the autonomy of the ocean for quick economic gain and territorial power? How would a cognitive ocean respond?

Driven by the Ars Electronica A.I Ecosystem Hackathon, the Team strives to present a prototype of a cognitive aquatic space that acquires knowledge to self-heal though sensors and sound.The Solution presented is inspired by the Terra0 self owned forest, and uses the terra0 whitepaper as a framework.


An 11-page long disseration debating both ethical and technological foundations of the proposed solution.

Media Installation

An interactive, gamified experience communicating the conceptional foundations behind the o-chain.